Small Ink #001

Hello all, I’m now working on a new project named Small Ink. Small Ink is all about the size of the piece which is no bigger than a 3*3 inches image. I will document my creative process behind these ink works here and categorize them as projects so as to differentiate them from background stories for my bigger pieces. These ink works will be posted on my Instagram account every 2-3 days starting from today. However posts may come a bit later.

Now let’s take a look at the first Small Ink piece, #001, the Humpback 😊

The very first piece I wanted to do was a humpback so I made a draft and experimented on the shapes of the waves.

Draft one of #001

After deciding the ink pens I would be using I began to work on draft two with more details.



Draft two of #001

You can tell that I wanted to go a bit of Ukiyo-e style with the waves just as the masterpiece The Great Wave off Kanagawa. However, personally I thought it didn’t fit well with the rest of the design. You may have noticed two little people standing and watching the Humpback. That’s me and my husband haha.

Draft three of #001

This is draft three and I was still not satisfied with the waves. I thought it looked a bit droopy. Therefore I decided to give up on this semi-Ukiyo-e style and go with a bigger, smoother, and wavy look. After adjusting the size of the Humpback and the shape of the waves, I continued to work on the piece.

Here is the final look.

Finished Piece #001

For a better look at the finished piece, please click here. I hope you enjoy my #001 piece of Small Ink.


4 thoughts on “Small Ink #001

    1. Thank you! I always adore how writers can put their feelings and thoughts into words. English is not my mother tongue so sometimes I find it difficult to express myself completely in this language. Hopefully my work can continue to speak for me 🙂

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      1. You express yourself quite well, and I would not have guessed, except perhaps by your name, that English was not your native language! Your work speaks beautifully for you … I do love it! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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