Watercolor Progress I

As I wrote a blog post about learning watercolor, here is a little update on my progress on it. I won’t comment too much since this post serves only as a documentation. If you haven’t read the first post I wrote about watercolor, please click here.

#002 & #003

It’s been very fun playing with watercolors. My watercolor level is still far from good and I need to continue to practice. For now I think the most difficult part is to control how much water and paint brushes hold. It is also difficult to utilize brushes to create the shape I want. I think patience and speed are very crucial when working with a piece. If I was not patient enough colors began to blend and push into each other on the paper. If I didn’t work fast enough, my paint quickly dried out on the paper and left sharp edges and colors just didn’t blend properly. All in all, I still got a lot to learn but I’m very happy and enjoy my every practice.

Here is a small glance at my table when I work on watercolors 🙂


Hope you enjoy this post. Please feel free to leave me a comment if you have any thoughts on my watercolor practice!

Till next time.

19 thoughts on “Watercolor Progress I

  1. I realize you are just learning, and most of this is experimentation, practice … but I must say, I find these whimsical and fun! And the critter in the first pic won my heart! I think that no matter how good you get, I shall always treasure these!

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