Small Ink #002

An image of a house and trees popped up in my mind when I was contemplating on the second piece of Small Ink.

Let’s cut to the chase! Here is the first draft of #002.

Draft one of #002

Here I tried two kinds of texture of trees and decided to apply the less fuzzy one. I kind of liked the house but found it a bit too dark. I also wanted to keep the image clean and simple so I got rid of the mountains and replaced them with some clouds.

Here is the second draft with the above mentioned adjustments.

Draft two of #002

I added more trees and simple outlines for clouds. In order to draw more precisely I added the shapes of the trees to the draft.

Draft two of #002 with more details

As you can see the image seems more balanced now without the mountains. I also added arrows to indicate the fading direction of the clouds. Now it’s time to complete the piece.

Here is the final look.

Finished piece


For a better look at the finished piece, please click here. Feel free to comment and let me know how you feel about this one! I hope you enjoy Small Ink #002. Cheers 🎉

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