Small Ink #003

Let’s see how I design this piece!

When I was thinking about what I could draw for my small ink #003 I began to brainstorm. After drawing a few sketches I started to have a feeling that I wanted it to be about a tree. So I made the following draft.

tree draft
Draft one of the tree

I put two people randomly under the tree, however it was not really what I liked to depict. It occurred to me that my mom sent me a picture she took the other day, of a tree. It was a very nice picture and the perspective is rather special, too.

A picture of a tree taken by my mom

I thought it would be really interesting to put this tree in a circle using the same perspective as the picture. Therefore I quickly drew another draft.

tree draft 2
Draft two of the tree

The center of the image was taken up by the tree trunk and the branches were going to fill the entire circle. I wanted those branches to be very delicate and detailed. After deciding what I wanted to draw, I started working on the drawing.

First versionn
Finished piece before last modification

I added detail to the tree trunk and filled the rest of the space with branches however I still felt that there was not enough contrast to really accentuate the tree trunk itself. There seemed to be too much detail and a lack of visual focus. Therefore I decided to try something bold, filling in the entire tree trunk with ink. After filling in the tree trunk, I masked part of the truck with a white paper cutout.

Finished piece

For a better look at the finished piece, please click here. I would like to know which version you like better. I hope you enjoy Small Ink #003. Cheers 🤖

7 thoughts on “Small Ink #003

  1. I love it! More than anything, I love seeing how your drawing evolves and comes to life! If I saw only the final product, I would still love it, but it has so much meaning when I see each step of the process. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, and I think perhaps your art is like my writing … I often start a piece thinking it is going to be one thing, then by the time I have finished, it has taken a different path! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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