[We Are Family]

This piece was created especially for my mom on Mother’s Day.

I’m very happy that I decided to learn watercolor on my own weeks ago because that decision made this piece possible. My mom always loves a handmade card and she mentioned a few times that I should draw a family portrait for her. Therefore this mother’s day I thought it would be really nice to give her a beautiful watercolor painting featuring our family and lots of flowers. I planned to put all my family members in the center of the image and surround us with all kinds of flowers since flowers are one of my mom’s favorite things in the world.

(From left to right) Top row: my older sister & my younger brother. The middle row: my dad, my mom and our dear Lucky. The bottom row: my husband & me.

I drew various kinds of flowers and I also drew my pet hamster and our pet bird.

My pet hamser Niuniu.
Our pet house sparrow Qiuqiu

After I was satisfied with the amount of plants I removed the masking tape and wrote down the sentence, “we are family.” Here is the finished piece.


To make it look even cuter, I went to our garden and picked some flowers to dress the drawing.


For a look at the final drawing, please click here. Hope you like this piece!

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