Watercolor Progress II

This post is a little update on my progress with watercolor. 

Okay. Here we go.


I had some expectations of how I would approach watercolor before I started it. Guess what? It didn’t turn out the way I imagined it. For example. Because my illustration style is rather delicate and detailed I thought that my watercolor could be more carefree and random. Nevertheless after days of painting, I found myself enjoy painting tiny things and making things delicate. I also told myself that I should draw something different other than plants. I ended up drawing lots of leaves and flowers. I just feel happy and inspired when drawing things I love and am familiar with. Perhaps this is just the way I am. I think there is no need to tell myself what to do and what not to do anymore. I should just paint as my heart desires. However I do think that I need to try something new every now and then just to learn more and be better.

Hope you enjoy this post. Please feel free to leave me a comment if you have any thoughts on my watercolor practice!

Till next time.

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