Small Ink #006

I really like the title of this piece!

I have been really into drawing flowers, especially roses, these days. Therefore for the next piece of Small Ink I wanted to put some roses in it but I was not sure about the subject yet. The other day I was looking for inspirations for my watercolor painting and I stumbled upon a beautiful picture of a deer. I immediately thought it would be a great idea to turn the deer’s horns into flowers. I had a design of a floral moose some time ago and the concept was similar. The moose’s horns were replaced by various kinds of flowers(click here to see the Moose) while there would be only roses for this deer. Here is a quick draft.

Draft one of a deer

The deer’s face would be facing the viewers directly with his horns turning into roses. I used to draw flowers in a more delicate style but for this piece I wanted something more simple and clean. Therefore I practice on using only lines to create roses. Before I really worked on the piece I drew some roses to see if they looked nice.

Practice drawing on roses

It was more difficult than I imagined to depict roses using only lines. Some looked okay and some looked a bit weird. Therefore I drew many of them to see the variations and decide which ones were better. After drawing some roses it was time to put them into the piece.

Working progress

Here I first used circles to locate the positions of the roses and I began to work on the deer. The following was the half finished piece.

Working progress

Initially, I thought this piece was done already. However I felt like it was way too simple and it lacked a visual impact. I wanted to add something to the background but didn’t want to over complicate the image. The best way to do this, as I figured, was to add more roses. After adding more roses to the image I also darkened the outline of the deer and roses. I named this image ”Deer Rosie” and I was very please with the name I came up with! Here is the finished piece.


For a better look at the finished piece, please click here. Do you like this deer? I hope you enjoy Small Ink #006. Cheers 💞

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