Throwback Thursday

I looked through some of the files and found these pictures I drew some years ago. Some images can even be dated back to ten years ago.

Some were doodles I had in class some were just random sketches. I still remember the thoughts I had or occasions when drawing them. I will caption the images for you guys!


This is from a notebook I had for my English notes.


This is a sketch from a philosophy class.


I drew this boy at the back of a Chinese sheet.


I remember drawing this after I watched the movie I, Robot!


I drew this image after I got my first drawing tablet, but it’s too old to be used now.


This is a very sad and random image I created.


I drew this monster eating colors after a friend of mine gifted me a box of color pens as my birthday gift a couple years ago.


This is a small sketch of my husband when he was just my boyfriend. I also gave him some beard that he didn’t have. 


This is one of my favorite work depicting the man’s thirst for knowledge. 



It is very fun but nostalgic to look back at these images. I really enjoy just doodling and being creative sometimes but I do notice that I’m doing less and less of this kind of random doodles. I grew to design everything I draw and paint. Perhaps sometimes I just need to let my mind go wild and be free. I hope you do enjoy these images and please do let me know if you have a favorite!


Till next time.


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