A Forest

I had a weird feeling earlier today as I was working on a watercolor piece.

I had ideas planed out and wanted to recreate them onto the paper using pen and paints. However I failed a few times and didn’t really feel comfortable drawing stuff. I stared at the stock pictures I collected for my watercolor practice for quite some time. I felt like I had been trying to create something that was already there for me to see. It’s not a bad thing though because I know I need to practice more. However for a moment I just wanted to do something different. Something that doesn’t need a sketch or doesn’t really look like real subjects.

I put away things I was working on, putting up some music I love and tried to let go of the idea that I had to create something concrete. I let my emotions flow and began to put paints on my paper. I wanted to draw a forest so I translated things I know of a forest into shapes. After I finished the drawing, I scanned the picture and did a little bit of post production.

This is my very first abstract forest and I thought it was very cute. I absolutely love it. I also enjoyed creating such a piece without any plans and sketches.



For a better look at the final drawing, please click here. Let me know your thoughts on this piece. Cheers 😘

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