Intuition – Part 2

Let’s continue with the rest of this abstract series.

04 The Ocean
The Ocean

Ocean is vast. Ocean is deep.

There are tides and waves.

There are creatures and travelers.

Ocean is peaceful but merciless.

Ocean is calm but cold.

The subject of this image is ocean. I used symbols to represent creatures and lives under the sea. The fun part about this piece was the various curvy shapes that indicate the changes in tides and wave conditions of the sea. The parentheses denoted the sunlight and all the chemical reactions in the ocean. I gave the image a gradient blue color to reflect the sea water at different depth.


05 An Argument
An Argument

There are parties.

They’ve all got different things to say.

There are thoughts but channels are needed for them to be delivered.

It’s chaotic. It’s blurry. It’s messy.

It is an argument

This image is about an argument. It’s obvious to see there are a few objects in the image representing different parties when an argument occurred. I hope to recreate the unbalanced and chaotic sensation amongst people when they were in a disagreement. As I finished this piece, I felt like something was missing. Everything was too clear and visible. Therefore I decided to blur the entire image to make it difficult for viewers to see properly, just like an argument which sometimes blurs or even blinds our vision.


06 A Library
A Library

People come and go. People read and learn.

Stories, knowledge, history, numbers and science can all be found in books.

One can see truth, faith, love.

One can also see otherwise.

This piece is about a library. It looked very much different from what I wanted it to be in the beginning. However the image developed as I created it and I’m very happy with the result. I felt like learning is an organic matter. As we learn more we comprehend and evolve more. I wanted something natural and organic in the image, too. Therefore I used salt on the watercolor and saw the color change and turn into beautiful patterns. I used a lot of symbols and old Chinese to represent all the knowledge we can find in books and use ladders to indicate the notion of learning and bridging ideas. In the post production, I used lines to indicate intricate connection between learning and knowledge.


07 The Crowd
The Crowd

People gather. People wander.

People stand in circles and people wait in line.

This last piece of the series is called The Crowd. The subject is very prominent and visual. All the symbols you see in the image is the Chinese character for “people” and when used individually it means a person. I put these “人” in different directions, formation and size to denote the idea of a crowd and how people connect with each other. In the post production I gave this images scratches and metallic finish. One thing I hope viewers to take note is the color of this image.


These are all the pieces from my very first abstract series, Intuition. I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on this series. Please feel free to leave a comment.

If you haven’t seen the first part of this series, please click here. Click here to have a better look at these images.

Thank you so much for reading. Cheers.

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