Floral Tails Series & A Comparison

It’s been forever since I last posted something.

Some days ago I got my long awaited gifts from my husband, an IPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. I had been wanting to try digital art for quite some time and now I am finally able to give it a shot! I have been working on my IPad and with my Apple Pencil to create stuff these days. It is really fun. I might write a review on the products and show you guys some of the drawing apps I use. We will see.

One thing I had in mind before having these new tools was to recreate the same, or say similar art piece I did to see if there is huge a differen between digital and traditional way of drawing. Therefore I decided to add a new piece to my Floral Tails Series. My old way of doing this series was to first do a draft on a piece of paper and then use ink pen to dot my subject. After a huge amount of time working on dotting I would scan the final piece and upload the work. If I wanted to colour a piece I would do it in the post production and use Photoshop.  The most scary process was inking because it was black ink on white papers and you can not undo a mistake.

This experimental piece was a combination of a fighter fish and the flower camellias, one of my favourite flowers. Before I break down the difference between my old ways of inking and the new one let’s see some pictures first. The following pieces were done in the old way.


floral tails #1
Floral Tails Series 01


Floral Tails Series 02
Floral Series 03
Floral Tails Series 04



Floral Tails Series 05


Floral Tails Series 06
Floral Tails Series 07
Floral Tails Series 08


Now let’s take a look at the piece done using IPad and Apple Pencil with the drawing app Procreate. This is a screenshot of the progress.


And this is the final piece.

Floral Tails Series 09


Here is a detailed picture of the camellia I drew.



I created a brush specifically for inking. I wanted the image look like it’s done in the old fashion. I think it was a success. The biggest different between using a real ink pen and digital drawing is really the “undo” part. When it’s digital it’s always more relieving and easy to make changes and sometimes mistakes because you know you can always fix them. Also the quality of the image improves. Before I had to scan an art piece and there was always a slight difference in colour or exposure. I sometimes had to add a colour filter to cover up the imperfection even though I wanted the image to be in black and white. However in digital drawing such problems don’t exist.

Now here comes the issue with digital drawing. The fact that you can have a digital canvas in super high resolution is a problem for me. Sometimes I would draw way too detailed and lost my focus. Since you can zoom in to draw one pixel at a time, it is really difficult to let go of those empty space you see when the image is zoomed in. However if I did that my work would be lost in details that even eyes can’t see. Subsequently the beauty of inking and dotting style would also be lost. When I overworked a petal it looked good zoomed in but once I put the image back to its normal size the inking style disappeared and it only created a black and white gradient effect. Gladly this problem can be solved by practice more and always remind myself to see the bigger picture.

The old way of drawing and digital drawing has one thing in common and that is the time I need to finish a piece. It still takes ages!!! I hope you enjoy this post and let me know what do you think about it. Which ways of drawing you prefer or you think they all have their pros and cons? 😊

32 thoughts on “Floral Tails Series & A Comparison

  1. I will always prefer the original way, but I can see some benefits of digital – especially if the image is to be used online or if you want to repeat motifs. Does it have a function to copy and paste or repeat an area (like for the fish scales?) – again, that could be useful but my concern is that the art would lose it’s meditative benefit.

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    1. I understand what you meant. It is a very good question. You can of course copy and paste to replicate your drawing but the truth is that’s not the approach I would take. Like you say it could be useful but I think doing that will compromise the authenticity of a piece. To me, even though every fish scale look quite the same they are still different and they have to look natural so the entire image would look great. As far as I’m concerned digital drawing doesn’t always equal to fast and easy drawing. But we can see what it can achieve compared to traditional drawing and vice versa. Thank you so much for the comment!

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      1. I agree that it would lose some authenticity. As long as you enjoy the process I think both can be useful in different settings. But the tactile element to drawing or painting with “real” media is important, I think. And time away from screens is important too!

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      2. I agree with you. As long as we enjoy creating art it’s all worth a try. Drawing on real paper and using real materials has its own magic. It’s when the unexpected can happen and adds this surprising element and randomness to the art.

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  3. These fish are so beautiful~ I can’t really tell the difference between the traditional and digital drawings, other than maybe the digital picture has more depth of detail. Either way, it fits in well with the rest of the series!

    I’m conflicted over which I prefer. . . On the one hand, I feel I achieve better quality with digital (due to more practice). On the other, I enjoy working in pencil and watercolor, and it feels more meditative and Zen to me. I have to accept the mistakes, so I don’t worry about them so much. Both methods are fun, but definitely have different experiences!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m happy the digital turned out well.

      I think you are right. Both of them give us different experiences and both have their own merits. I also feel like I get to practice more on digital drawing. Maybe it’s just me but watercolour papers are so precious to me that I have to plan before I draw instead of just drawing whatever comes to my mind.

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  4. Your work is mind-blowing! So beautiful. I’m actually when it comes to ink, still using brush and pen. The adrenaline rushing through ones veins when the pen touches the flawless paper… Not anymore, harrharr. For me, the experience wouldn’t be the same. Anyway, I’ve been looking for art-blogs like yours as I’m new to wordpress, well, perhaps even to the internetstuff in general 😉 But I think it is very important to share one’s experiences. Check ot my page, you’ll be one of the first, wouldn’t that be an honour? 😉 In any case, I thank you very much for sharing and showing, your work is being apprechiated. Cheers

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    1. Thank you so much for the comment and welcome to WordPress. I’m fairly new to this as well. ☺️ I do feel that real paper and ink couldn’t be replaced by digital drawing. Especially when we look at those art piece that are more organic and spontaneous. Will definitely have a look at your blog!


      1. I don’t think it’s old school actually. I do think everyone has their own preference to basically anything. Also I appreciate people who are willing to exchange their thoughts with others!

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    1. Yes, the natural shades and gradience usually only appear in hand drawings. It takes great effort to make digital drawings look natural and less sharp. Thanks for the comment.


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