Trying New Tools

Hi everyone, like I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been working on digital drawing for a few days now. I enjoyed it a lot and everything is still new to me. Hey but don’t worry I’m not giving up my papers and watercolour yet. It’s just I’m into digital drawing for the moment and really excited to give it more time. Today I will be sharing with you some work I’ve done with IPad and Apple Pencil using various drawing apps, namely Sketches Pro, Adobe Sketch and Procreate. I’m not ready yet to give you guys a comprehensive review on these three apps and my new tools but I’m ready to show you some interesting things I tried. It’s all about experiment for me at this stage, trying different digital brushes and styles. I had fun and I hope you enjoy this post as well.



1. Sketches Pro

I don’t use this app as often as the other two. Mainly because of its limitation to brush variety. Here are two pieces I created using Sketch Pro.

“Where Is My Bone”

This is just a doggie wants to have his bone. I tried some simple shading on him and obviously I’m still not that good. It was fun though to give him sleepy eyes.



“When Your Crush Is In Front Of You”

This is a collaboration with my husband. He said he wanted to try so he drew the Sun behind the Earth. I wanted to make it more funny so I gave them facial expressions and a seemingly fitting caption.



2. Adobe Sketch

Here are the pieces I created with Adobe Sketch.

“Colour Swatches”

One of my favourite build in brushes in Adobe Sketch is the Soft Pastel Brush. It really captures  how pastel’s colour and texture.



Here I drew a watermelon and I like how the strokes look.


“Pinky & Sprinkles”

Do you think it looks tasty?


“A Strawberry Cake”

I like how I rendered the background colour here.


“Share Big Dream”

This is just a simple text with tiny flower thingy.


“Ducks and Flowers”

I really like these little ducks and flowers.


“Colourful Cherries”

For this piece I tried the build in Round Watercolour Brush. I had to say that even though I like pastel brushes a lot, watercolour brushes are not that outstanding and the watercolour effect was not as good as I expected. Of course it definitely has something to do with my digital drawing skill however I think real brushes and watercolour still do a better job.



Here I tried to design a girl’s face and use some shading as well.



3. Procreate
Procreate is the app I use the most of the three apps I talked about today. Mainly because I use it to do my inking style. Besides its interface is nice and the brushes are abundant. I also tried to customise some brushes myself.

“This Is For You”

Here I tried the build in Ink Brush. This is an angry octopus spraying ink from his mouth with a tiny message! Hehe.


“Shining Fish”

For this image I tried two things, first is the Flat Watercolour Brush and second, the glassy reflection style to create more depth to the fish.


“Strawberry Is The Home”

This is a sad snail and he lost his shell. He doesn’t want to look bad so he found a substitute. He doesn’t look bad now but he is for sure still sad. For this piece I used Procreate’s Round Watercolour Brush and its Sketch Pencil.


Inking Leaves

For this image I used only the customised Ink Brush I created for my inking work.


“Hurt & Hurt”

I wanted to try colouring more so this is what I came up with. A hurt cactus. He feels hurts whenever he accidentally hurts other people.


“Flower Dust”

This is another image created using my customised Ink Brush. It’s a cute white cat with flowers on her.


“Leafy Tail”

This one is also created using my customised Ink Brush. This may seem familiar right? Yes this is the same fish from my previous post but I changed its tail into leaves. I thought it looks much nicer this way.


So here are all the images I worked on ever since I got my IPad and Apple Pencil. For these three drawing apps, I do prefer Procreate. However I honestly think that they all have their own merits. Sometimes it really comes down to my mood and which one I want to use that day. Tell me what do you think about all these pieces. Do you like them? Or do you miss my old watercolour paintings?

Cheers, till next time. 💕💕💕

7 thoughts on “Trying New Tools

  1. I love them all, but the ducks & flowers, and the flower dust kitty are my favourites! Sorry I haven’t been by for a while … U.S. politics is keeping me busy far into the night these days! Glad to see you’re still doing such fun things with your art!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jill. That’s totally fine I was not really updating anything until these two days. I’m glad you like them they are my favorites, too. I would know. Me and my husband have been following US politics for months and it’s like a reality show. Glad to see you here! Have a nice day Jill.

      Liked by 1 person

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