Digital Art Part Two

Here is another update of my recent digital drawings. If you haven’t seen part one, please click here.

In my previous post I shared with you drawings using mainly chalk, pastel and pencil brushes. For this one I’m collecting drawings done using various ink brushes and my customised round tip brush.


A Photographer

This image is created especially for my cousin. He is a wonderful photographer and has helped me to shoot many nice portraits. Therefore when he asked me if I can draw him a picture as his profile picture, I was more than happy to help. I wanted to have a clean and simple look of him holding a camera and this is what I came up with. For this image I only used ink bleed brush and applied various sizes to create shadows.


Call Me

This is completely a random drawing haha. I was working on a circle in the beginning and it just turned into a moon lady. However I love her so much. Though her skin is not the most perfect kind, her confidence is beyond reach.


Happy Birthday from a Crocodile

This text and image was created when I was writing my mom her birthday card. I thought it would be nice to add little stuff onto the text and thus this is what we got. For this image I only used the customised round tip brush.


Be Free

I saw a picture of a woman with her hair flowing in the air on the internet the other day. The image of her flowy hair then stuck in my mind for quite some time. When I finally decided to draw her I somehow wanted to put her in front of the Golden Bridge. I think it was because the last time I visited the Golden Bridge all I could remember is how strong the wind was that day.



Even though this drawing looks like a combination of watercolour and pastels, it is actually done with ink bleed brush. I’m still trying to get a hang of the pressure sensitivity of the Apple Pencil. The dynamic of the Pencil is really good but each brush has its own setting so sometimes lines don’t necessary end up the way I wanted. However I am quite happy with the look of these peas.


Forgot Something

The other day I was on a grocery shopping and on my way home I realized that I forgot to get some eggs. They say artists create things in their life I think this is a really appropriate manifestation. After walking for an hour from my place to the town and back I had lost all my energy to drop by any store. I love eggs a lot btw. After I drew the girl I felt that she looked like someone you might see on a Japanese street therefore I put her right in the middle of a narrow street. This image is actually quite intriging. Even thought I think I was drawing myself, I don’t really have hair like that and don’t really wear the same style of cloth. Perhaps subconsciously I wanted some greyish blue hair having a rather bold style.


These are drawings done in either ink, ink bleed or round tip brushes. Do you have any favourites? If you like my art work and would love to learn more about me, please check this article. Thank you so much and have a nice one!

Cheers. 💖 Till next time.




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