Have you heard of this name, Imogen? The Koala baby? Joey Imogen? No?

She is a wanted Koala. She is very dangerous. She is too cute for normal people to handle so please pass on the word and let more people know about it. Have them be prepared before they see this bundle of cuteness. Hahaha I’m just kidding. This is about my new piece. Imogen is a koala from Symbio Wildlife Park, in Sydney, Australia. She is probably one of the cutest thing in the world.

Okay, you must be very confused and don’t know where I am going with this. I will explain to you right now. Yesterday I was working on a new idea of a piece for my Animal Line Art. I didn’t really know what to draw but I did know I wanted to draw a warrant. Something that’s more of a outdated and vintage type. Everything is digitalised now so I think it would be interesting to draw something like that. Therefore I did a bit of research and found a template of a FBI warrant from the 30s. I found out that for a warrant you need suspect’s fingerprints, profiles, descriptions and so on. It shouldn’t be a big problem to come up with some description that’s where I love to use my imagination. But fingerprints? I know not a lot of animals have fingerprints like humans. Therefore I looked it up and found out that koalas are one of the few animals that have fingerprints just like us. Not only do they have fingerprints, theirs is also very similar to ours. Now we had our subject of the new piece and the concept of a warrant. What we needed was a real figure for me to portrait. Well, if it’s  about a koala and we needed to put it on a warrant. I immediately had the best candidate in mind and that was Imogen!!!

She is such a precious. Her debut photographs shot when she was only ten months old melted and stolen a lot of people’s heart. That’s for sure a crime! Not to mention her unlawful level of cuteness. It’s definitely illegal in my book. Therefore I took some time to collect some of her pictures and began to work on this very important warrant.

It took me more time than I expected to draw those fingerprints but it turned out nice so I’m very happy about that. I tried my best to work on the description and write up caution and her criminal record. I cracked myself up thinking how cute this warrant is.


Here is the final result.

A Wanted Koala


If you don’t know about Imogen, you can check this video. This video was shot during her very first photoshoot I mentioned earlier.


Do you like this new piece? Let me know and leave a comment below!

If you like my art work and would love to learn more about me, please read this article.

Cheers. Till next time.



6 thoughts on “[Wanted!]

      1. Hey my friend! All is going well, but there are never enough hours in the day anymore! I sincerely believe it is a government plot and they have taken about 5 hours per day away from us 😉 Either that, or I am getting old and not moving as fast as I once did. I haven’t had enough time to pop into my favourite blogs, like yours, lately, but am trying to get back into a routine of doing so. Your art, as always, is terrific!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha it could be a real scam! Sometimes I blame time for flying so fast without my consent. I think it happens from time to time that you get so busy to a point where you don’t get to do things you used to. But it will balance itself and you will find yourself reading blogs you like again! Thanks for the kind words, Jill. Have a nice one 👍🏻

        Liked by 1 person

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