[Late Night Reading]

After finishing about a dozen pieces of Animal Line Art I wanted to challenge myself to draw something more complicated.

I wanted to draw something with more depth and content. Therefore I came up with a new piece named Late Night Reading. It’s about a raccoon who loves cupcakes so much that he decided to make cupcakes on his own. This piece is basically a still image of a raccoon reading a cookbook for cupcakes. With this idea in mind I began to research for materials. I wanted the raccoon to sit in a very nice, vintage engraved armchair, btw I love stylish, vintage armchairs. Therefore I found one that’s very suitable and I used it as my reference.

Here is the first sketch with details on the armchair.

As you can see, there was only the outlines of a raccoon, an armchair and an up lighter. The raccoon didn’t look like a raccoon yet because there was no colouring. It is interesting to see how animals can look very much different without their prints or pattern on their fur.

After finishing the outline, I began to colour things. I like to colour layer by later to create depth. Like this:

Here you can see how I restored a colourless raccoon to its natural state haha. The colouring process is very fun and it takes up more than 60 percent of my digital drawing, here I mean not just to colour the raccoon but the entire piece. After the raccoon I moved on to the armchair.

I really love such a vintage and beautiful armchair. I have a similar armchair at home but mine is not as dedicate as the one I drew. One of my goal in the future is to have at least 2-5 vintage armchairs in my house. As I mentioned earlier, for this piece I wanted to try something more complicated. Therefore it couldn’t be just a raccoon reading a book. To give more depth into this piece I added a nice wall with many picture frames on it.

Now the entire outline was finished, I began to finish the rest of the colouring.

Do you spot something special? I secretly framed up all my work on the wall haha. I think the raccoon’s got some good taste 🤣 I cracked myself up with this idea but I really like it. After colouring the entire piece, I thought it needed more contrast. I am not really familiar with shading but I really wanted to give it a try. I think that proper lighting and shading can really make the piece look more sophisticate. The following is a comparison before and after I added shading and lighting onto the piece.

I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I hope this piece does give you a sense of quietness at night. Here is the finished piece.



Do you like this one? Please comment below and let me know. If you like my art work and would love to learn more about me, please read this article.

Till next time, cheers. ☺️


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