[Colour Granted]

When I was a high school student, I participated in a lot of speech contests, including impromptu speech and prepared speech.

Usually in an impromptu speech, a contestant would be given a subject or a picture and a preparation time for about a minute. When time’s up, the contestant had to elaborate on the subject or the picture for 3 – 5 minutes. I can’t remember how many stories I have made up ever since I began to take part in such speech contest. I loved to have pictures so I could tell an extraordinary story. I also love an abstract subject or topic so I could make up a story to illustrate the idea. The other day I was thinking about what I should draw for the next few days. I recalled one of the story I made up when I was preparing a very important contest. I didn’t remember the subject or the title of the story but I remembered it was about fairies, fairies that brought colours to this world. So I decided to draw some images with these fairies and had them grant colours to a few things in our world.

Here are the fairies!

A flower & A Fairy
A Banana & A Fairy
Cherries & A Fairy
Green Gem & A Fairy
A Lemon & A Fairy
A Strawberry & A Fairy

Though these are all my work and I love them all I still have a favourite piece and that’s the strawberry one! I just love the fairy’s cute, pinky curly hair. Perhpas it is because I’ve always wanted super curly and voluminous hair like hers.

Do you like these fairies? Perhaps you have a favourite one, too? Let me know! 😊

Cheers. Till next time, I-Shan

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