Old School Cartoon

I’m obsessed with old school cartoon these days, especially the old Disney style. I have been spending some time studying the old Disney style. The black-and-white line art is very capturing and I just love its retro vibe. I also tried to draw a few things in the same style. Though I still need to work on the technique, I enjoy it a lot and am excited to keep working on some more pieces. Here I will show you two pieces I’ve done so far. They aren’t complex drawings but I hope that I did capture the sense of old drawings, if that makes sense haha.

Here is a little practice on the Duck, Daisy.

Practice – Disney Character, Daisy

I used dry ink brush for these work because I really like the stroke effect it renders.


I love pasta and I just had this weird idea of a boy being wrapped by pasta. So here is my first original drawing in old Disney style.

Pasta High


I also post edited the image a bit and gave it a bit of texture and color.


My mom says this image looks eerie and I took it as a compliment because that’s how I feel when I see those vintage, old paintings from before. Though the cartoon was meant to be cute somehow I felt they can be a bit creepy sometimes, especially those big smiles those characters wore. I also love the fact that there seems to be no bone structure in their body, their limbs are just like pasta!


After I showed one of my friends the drawing above, she jokingly said that she would like to be eaten just like the boy. (Well, trust me I know how weird it sounded. We were just messing around) Anyway, her saying about being eaten gave me another idea. So I began to draft a drawing of her being captured by a monster haha. Your wish has been granted!

This is the draft of the piece.

Draft – Monster’s Meal

After I finished the draft, I hid the layer of the monster and focused on making the line of the character more crisp and clean.

The Girl Being Eaten: from draft to finish


After finishing the character I moved on to drawing the monster itself.

The Monster

I think the monster looked silly with those holes in its teeth but I had to erase them afterwards because they didn’t seem obvious after I put the character back into the image.


Progress: Monster’s Meal

Now I’d finished most of the piece and it’s time for some touch-ups.


Progress: Monster’s Meal

As you can see, here I added some color/print on the monster and had the monster sprinkle seasoning onto its tasty meal.


I continued to adjust the color and tone of the image and finally rendered it till I was satisfied. This is the final image.

Monster’s Meal



Personally I really like this old school style, what about you? Do you like any of these work I’ve done? Let me know and leave a comment!


Cheers. Till next time.


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