Halloween Edition

Hello everyone! Today I’m back with one of my latest work related to Halloween. 

Halloween is not really a holiday in my country but I’ve always wanted to dress up and have some fun. However the neighborhood I’m living in right now doesn’t seem to celebrate Halloween as well so even though I’m finally in a foreign country this year I still didn’t get to put on a costume. To kind of compensate my loss(?) I stayed home and created a piece in celebration of this day.

I imagined a world where people are already special, meaning they can look very different from us, and they have their Halloween as well. My character this time is a boy called Casey who has many eyes just like spiders. I depicted him preparing himself for trick or treat.

First of all, I did a quick draft of the boy.

draft – Casey

I was not sure about the hair style and overlapped a few styles on him. I wanted him to sit on the floor and possibly on a rug and next to him was a pumpkin basket.


Now the next step was to lower the transparency of the draft and create a new layer on top of it to draw nice, clean lines. Here you can see I had decided the hair style and added a tiny shoe next to Casey.


Outline 1

Once I finished drawing on top of the draft and created a clean outline I disabled the draft layer. I changed the position of the pumpkin basket and added a rug with fringes.


Outline 2 

I also added a hand holding a white cloth with holes on it. Obviously it’s Casey mom handing him his costume.


Coloring – first layer 

After finishing the outline of the entire image, I began to color and use various brushes to achieve effects or texture I like. I wanted this image to look a bit retro and vintage therefore I chose colors that were less vibrant and less saturated.


Coloring – second layer

In the second layer of coloring, I added blushes on Casey’s cheeks, shadows on the pants, the pumpkin basket and the ghost cloth, and colors to the rug.


Coloring – third layer 

For the third layer, I added shadows underneath Casey’s body and arm just to create more depth to the image.


Coloring – fourth layer

The fourth layer is also the last layer where I created sort of a messy, scratchy and rough texture to the background.


Casey – sepia tone

As for the final rendering of the image, I tried two different settings. The first one is the sepia tone which renders a tone-down and retro vibe also keeps the image monocolored.


Casey – final work

The second rendering is also my final work. Here I changed the saturation and exposure of the image. I added a reddish tone to it and increased the contrast a little bit.


Casey is now ready for his trick or treat. If you want to see the image more clearly you can click here. Let me know if you like this piece and feel free to leave a comment!

Till next time, cheers. 🤟



12 thoughts on “Halloween Edition

  1. Casey is wonderful. Well done. I love the nod to Halloween of the past, Casey’s mom giving of her best sheet for her sons trick or treating joy. The rug makes me think the night will be a carpet ride of excitement for him, his trusty pumpkin bucket at his side. Love it. 😊❤️

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