Good day everyone! Today I’m going to show you how I finished my latest illustration, Moodshop, step by step.

It was one evening I felt inspired to create a piece depicting a world where people all wore a mask. I imagined a young man walking into a store selling masks while already wearing one. I feel like sometimes in reality we are forced to wear a mask to hide our true selves or to conceal our feelings. Sometimes we wear a smile when we are not feeling completely okay and sometimes we have to keep a straight face when living in a world full of jokes. However emotions and feelings can never be condensed to a single facial expression. Our feelings are intricate and precious and so are those of our loved ones. It’s important that we take off our masks from time to time and show people around us our faces, albeit sad faces, happy faces or complicated faces. It’s all us and it is real.

Anyhoo, let’s take a look at the draft first.

Draft one

I wanted to put up a wall filled with masks with a clerk and a customer in the store.


Draft two

Here I sketched the position of the clerk and the customer also a floor sign advertising the latest masks.

Outline one

After the draft, I began to put on the outline using my old trusty dry ink brush. I drew faces and assigned them various facial expressions. I also put on price tags and one of the masks had a question mark on it, indicating that customers can customize their own faces. I also drew tags for texts such as “on sale” or ” X % off”.


Outline two

I then continue to draw the clerk and the customer both wearing a mask and the outline of the floor sign.


Outline three

After drawing all the outline, I disabled the draft layer and checked the outline again to make sure it all looked okay and clean. Here I also added more details to the customer’s mask to make it look worn out and old.


Coloring layer one and two

After finishing the outline, I moved onto coloring the piece. I really like mustard yellow so that’s the color for the clerk’s sweater. The floor sign says “want a face of falling in love? New models in stock.” Not sure if you notice that but I actually spelled “models” incorrectly haha. Don’t tell anyone. In these two steps I also wrote price on the price tags and other advertising texts.


Coloring layer three

The third layer is mostly about shadowing. I added shadows here and there to create more depth and details to the image. I also put a dramatic makeup on the clerk’s mask with a friendly smile.


Coloring layer four

In this layer I colored the wall, adding some rough and random texture to it.


The final work; Moodshop

The final step is all about post production. I rendered the image by changing its saturation, exposure and adding highlight to the center. I also added a yellowish tone and applied some more texture to the image. After I felt like the image was “enough” I stopped making changes. This is it, the Moodshop.

If you like this piece or have any thoughts on this one, please leave a comment. I’d like to know what you think. You can also click here to check the mono-colored version and the colored version in full size.

Till next time.





6 thoughts on “[Moodshop]

  1. I enjoy reading about your process of making this image and the image in your previous post. Since I don’t do digital art work, it lets me into a new area of creativity. Thank you.


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