Graphic Design Gallery

Hi everyone, I decided to upload some of my work in graphic design and created a gallery.

Besides illustration, I also do graphic design and I would love to work on some more graphic and visual design in the future. Just to keep myself engaged and stay sensitive to art in various aspects. (I’m not sure if this sentence makes sense to native speakers lol) Anyhoo, I just want to be more open and flexible in terms with the things I create.

These works below are done in the past and now I’ve compiled them into my Graphic Design gallery/portfolio. I am working on some self initiated projects and ideas in the hope of brushing up on my Photoshop skills and to learn more about Adobe Creative Suite, such as Illustrator and InDesign.

Under the category of graphic design we have a few sub tags, namely Photoshop, Mixed Media, and others. I will see if more tags have to be added in the future.



Chaos Incoming

This images was created using Photoshop and the figure in the image was me haha. This image won me 10 Cirque Du Soleil tickets worth 2000 pounds in a competition they held to promote the show in Taiwan.


Mock Conference on Same Sex Merriage

This is a poster I was commissioned to design by my graduate institute for the annual mock conference in 2013.


Research Day

This is a poster I designed for an academic event in my graduate institute.


The Bridge

This poster is another commission work I done for my graduate institute. It’s for a workshop hosted and instructed by a senior interpretor on the subject of interpretation in practice.


Mock Conference on Food Safety

This is a poster I designed for another annual mock conference held by my graduate institute in 2014.


Name Card Design

This is a commissioned name card design. The design is simple and clean and utilizes the oriental elements of TaiChi and calligraphy.



Mixed Media



This piece combined my hand drawing of a bug buddy and an image.


Killer Whale Sashimi

This is a hand drawn image later was colored and added with text using Photoshop.


Presentation Showcase 

I have done many work and design concerning presentation in the past. The following are some showcases of my PowerPoint design.

PowerPoint Showcase_1


PowerPoint Showcase_2


PowerPoint Showcase_3


PowerPoint Showcase_4


Hopefully I can continue to bring you, my dear readers, more work in the future no matter it’s graphic design, illustrations or other interesting stuff.


Till next time, cheers.


10 thoughts on “Graphic Design Gallery

  1. I really enjoy the shading techniques used in your piece the “Killer Whale Sashimi,” more specifically the use of stippling and decision to shade the block using a contour type shading to mimic wood grains! Amazing work


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