My Customized CV

Hello everyone.

Some of you might already knew that I’m a self taught illustrator and graphic designer. In other words, my education background and previous job experiences don’t really favor me when applying for an art related job. Therefore I have been working on a customized CV for myself and hope that it can serve as a showcase for my design skill.

I combined a few things I love in this new CV, such as hand illustration, digital editing and a bit of my humor. I made references to various vintage maps and came up with this final design. Everything on this CV is about me. There are many clues and details for viewers to discover and look at.

Here’s my CV.


Let me know about your thoughts on this resume! I would love to have your feedback.


Till next time, cheers.


19 thoughts on “My Customized CV

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. It’s indeed meant to be a supplement and I kind of sacrificed the readability for the visual effect. I think it’d a good idea to still prepare a simpler and clearer version.


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