Our Life Together

Hello everyone, today I will show you two of my recent illustrations.

I have named this series “Our Life Together” which is a series of illustrations depicting me and my husband’s life together. I am very lucky to have met a man who is kind, humorous, sincere and wonderful. He’s always loving and looking out for me. He never hides his feelings and is always honest but sensible. He treats me with respect and cares for me with warmth. We had a long distance relationship for 5 years before we finally got married. It was not easy but it was worth every moment. There were ups and downs but we went through all the thick and thin together. It was not easy for us to get married, either since we are from different countries. It took us forever to go through all the paper work, long wait and legal procedures. When we finally became husband and wife we felt like we have completed a doctor degree in Long Distance Relationship. It was a long story but if I have to give advice to anyone who are in such relationship and want to make it work, I would say that you should be always supportive of each other, be considerate and honest with each other. Most importantly you two have to have plans to meet and spend real time together every year, albeit a few weeks or a few months. We managed and made effort to meet and spend quality time and create a great deal of fond memories in this 5 years.

Since I’m an illustrator and am capable of turning my memories into real illustrations, I decided to make this series and dedicate it to our life together and our love. These illustrations might be scenes of us being together, things we say to each other or just how we interact with each other in our daily life.

Here are the first two illustrations I just finished and more will be added to this series in the future. This is also a collaboration between me and my husband. I draw and he writes the captions.


1. Things You Say to Me



2. A Lazy Sunday Evening.



I feel so happy and loved when creating these illustrations. They make me smile and remind me of how lucky I am.


I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do and let me know if you have any thoughts about it.

Till next time, cheers 😊

I Shan



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