Hello everyone, today I will be sharing a series of comics I created with you!

Recently I submitted a series of illustrations to the Fumetto’s comic competition 2018. This year’s theme is Enough and here is the theme description from the official website:

Enough  – We own so many things. We travel more than ever and explore the most remote places. This has in impact on our environment. Travelling and the production of food, clothes and all products need soil, water, air and other natural resources. What do you, your family and your friends really need to feel happy? How much is enough?


When I first learned about this theme, I was very excited but clueless(very contradicting!). I got the idea and knew that there were several aspects and directions I could take to elaborate the theme. However I wasn’t sure how I would translate my understanding of the theme into illustrations. All I knew was that I had to comply to the competition’s rules and tell a story in picture form within four A4 pages.

I’ve always loved to write and come up with my own stories. As a matter of fact, to become a children’s book writer and illustrator is one of my goals in life. I have quite a few ideas and stories written and saved in my laptop. Nevertheless I had never really turned any of them into real comics or series of pictures. I secretly believe a part of me thinks that my illustrations may fail to tell a story or fall short of my imagination. The more I doubted myself the less effort I put into really realizing my ideas through illustrations. The fear of being not enough seemed to be quite appropriate at the moment. If I do not give it a go I would never know if I could achieve anything, anything at all. Therefore I decided to put up a brave face and just draw something this time.

It was a chaos! Even though it was just a short four-page-comics, I had to rewrite my story and redesign my story board many times to tell the story I came up with. It took me days to finalize the draft and some more days to finish and polish the final illustrations. Here I will only show you guys the final comics. At the end of the illustration, I will tell you the story and what it wants to convey, also some clues you might miss in the pictures. However I also want my readers to have their own interpretation of my work so you can totally skip the last part of this article if you wish to know less but have your own imagination run wild.


This is a story about an encounter and it all happened when a lady went to the town one day.













If you wish to learn more about this story, please continue to read. You can also stop it here and take home your own experience.


The story:

This story is about a lady who lives alone. It seemed like she’s got everything she needed in her little house. A nice chair, a nice carpet and a nice fireplace. It all seemed enough. One day she had to go to the town and grab something. She lived far away from the town on the top of a hill and to get to the town she had to travel a long way. There was not much along the road, just some trees, barren land and a sense of loneliness.

As she traveled a long way and arrived in the town, she seemed too short to be at anyone’s level. She seemed so tiny, small and a bit of grumpy. Not only did she find nothing she wanted in the town but she also got tripped by a tiny rock and fell onto the ground. She broke her glasses and got something dirty on her nose. She was not happy. No, not at all. She just wanted to leave the town as soon as possible and never looked back. Little did she know that she had accidentally brought a tiny little creature with her back home.

Back to her quite little home she heard a little cry. So close that it seemed to be just right in front of her. She was right! Now through her half broken glasses, she saw a black, furry fellow sitting and crying right on top of her nose. The little one seemed so small compared to her, fortunately it was right on her nose that she got to see it properly. The little thing noticed the lady was looking at it. It looked at her and without a doubt gave her a hug.

“A hug for a stranger? Do we know each other that well?” The lady thought.

It was a tiny hug but it was warm enough to make the lady blush. She asked the little thing where it came from. It said it belonged to a mini furry collective. She decided to bring it back to the town which she earlier decided one-sidedly never return to. As soon as she stepped out of house, she saw three little furry dots, identical to the one in her palm, waiting right in front of the steps.

She lowered down and returned the little thing back to its group. They were so excited and so happy to see each other. They laughed, cried and formed a circle by holding their tiny furry hands together. She looked at them while they walked away, going back to where they came from.

They have left. They have left a sense of fulfillment in her heart. She stood at the steps and wore a smile that hasn’t been seen for a long long time.


What I wanted to convey?

Sometimes we feel that nothing is enough. We don’t have enough food, money, success, reputation, importance, and so on. We always try to earn and get more. It’s never enough and we always want more. However, the fact is, as we are pursuing all these things we want, we got lonely on this long long journey. It is easy for us to forget that what we need the most is each other’s company. It you always feel tired and exhausted, chances are all you really need is just a big hug. It’s really not that difficult to feel enough and to be enough as long as you know what’s the right things to care in life.

A few things for you to interpret freely from the illustration

  1. The heavy smoke from the house.
  2. The long journey to the town and the barren land.
  3. The height differences among the people in town ,the lady and the little ones.
  4. The little stone that tripped the lady.
  5. The little furry things.

A few Eater eggs for you to discover.

  1. Objects in the house that tell you more about the lady.
  2. When she traveled back home, did you notice something on the path?
  3. How many times did the lady smile?


Let me know if you like the story, visually or in its text form. I would love to hear your feedback. I wish to turn this story into a longer and more complete version and eventually a children’s book. A few detail and scenes were left out due to the limitation of maximum pages of the submission. In the future, I want to add more scenes in the town and the lady’s interactions with the little thing. I certainly think this story needs more build-up. However, for now I’m happy the way it is and I think it is enough.


Till next time. Cheers  ✨

I Shan





15 thoughts on “Enough

  1. That’s a love(ly) story! Pictures are amazing – I really like how you applied blocks of colour – red, grey, black. I love the message that the hug is enough. The story is cute and engaging and I imagine it could also be interesting for a child. Have you tried reading it to a child? Is it meant for children at all? Good luck with the competition!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so so much! It’s really nice to hear such feedback from you. I’ve never tried reading it to a child since I don’t have access to any for now(that didn’t come out right, but I think you know what I meant)
      When I wrote this story it is meant for children yet I’d say most of the children’s books are good for adults as well. Thank you! Have a nice one 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think this is an instant classic! I love the characterization of the lady and the little bugs. I had to remember to read it “Japanese-style” – right to left. Then it made sense!
    Here are some thoughts:
    1. Frame 13 is my favorite, where the bug explains to the lady about it’s friends. Nicely done.
    2. I’m not sure what’s happening on the right side of frame 14 – is it a blank area of ground outside the house?
    3. It might be nice to imagine the lady picturing a return to town to being the bug back to its friends (after frame 13). Then you could have a nice surprise that she doesn’t have to go to town after all since they are outside her door.
    4. In frame 14 (left side) it’s not 100% clear that she is just outside her house.

    I love that the “enough” message is not at all obvious but hidden in the tale. You could explore this theme with another story and perhaps make a series called “Enough.”


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! It’s really nice of you to take your time commenting on this post.
      Here are some responses to your question:
      1. Thank you!
      2. The blank area in Frame 14 is actually the wall of the house, but it’s not very obvious.
      3 & 4 Yes, I thought about adding more scenes and transmissions. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough space and I am still new to storyboards. I think I need to learn more about story telling in picture form.
      It’s really nice to have such comprehensive feedback, I am working on other stories now but the subjects are different. But I would love to explore the theme more as you suggested 🙂
      Again, thank you very much and I’m very happy that you enjoy the story.

      Liked by 1 person

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