Site Redirect

Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while!!!

After some long debate with myself, we, me and the worrisome me, decided to merge two websites, my art blog and my lifestyle blog, together. I felt like somehow they are a big different that’s why I had been resistant to do so. However when I was putting more focus on one I tended to neglect the other. On one hand, as a creator I’d like to keep my private life private and show only my art to my readers, on the other hand, as a blogger I wanted to show various aspects of me, including my creativity, to my readers so you can see the dilemma here. I’m not sure if it’s a thing or just me overthinking again, this idea about separation between art and life or not had been bugging me for a while. Nevertheless I did notice that I didn’t update as often as I used to with my art blog and that’s not really ideal as a creator. After some discussion and debate with myself,  I figured that my life and my art are not really separable yet more complementary, I am inspired by things in my life when it comes to creation and my life can never exclude my art, it seemed that the most sensible thing to do is to just keep them together. Well, merging two websites were not the difficult part after I made up my mind, the tricky thing here is that my art blog is written in English in the hope of reaching out to more readers worldwide while my lifestyle blog is in Mandarin since I am producing traveling and cooking articles in a language I am more comfortable with, subsequently this begs the question of which language I’d be using when I write an article in the future? The answer seems obvious enough, for some of you may already know I am also a translator, that is to write articles in both languages, yes, it is going to take more time to produce and edit however it seems to be the most sincere solution.

I’m aware that most of the reader here are interested in my art instead of my lifestyle blog therefore in the new website you’d see a tab called Art in English only and its drop down list includes illustration, photography and design. If you wouldn’t mind to discover my other types of articles in the future, all the tabs have drop downs and you can see categories in English. (Articles dated before 20/08/2018 are in Mandarin only).

I will try my best to keep the new site bilingual so no one is missing out anything and I will begin to move all my art work and update more of my recent work to the new site. I very much appreciate that you took the time to read this article. Thank you so much for your support and understanding. If you wish to see my work in the future and wouldn’t mind exploring a bit of other sides to me, please go to this website:  It’s Okay. That’s Life. 沒關係,是生活啊!


This site will stay active for as long as necessary so readers can still check out my art in the archives.


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