Give Me Your Support Today!

Hello everyone, I would love to have your support!

Before I made up my mind to start my career as an illustrator I was a translator. More precisely speaking, I am still a translator. I graduated from NTNU graduate institute of translation and interpretation and it is one of the best graduate institute in Taiwan. After earning my master degree, I began to work as a translator. I translate subtitles, video games, and have published two books. I love translation and enjoy working with languages however I know that my true passion is always art.

Some might ask why I didn’t choose to be an art student when I applied for my college. It is indeed a very complicated question and a very good one. I would say the education system in Taiwan and the way I was brought up made me feel that art was never a career path for me. Nevertheless it is only when I draw, paint and create things that I love, I feel a great sense of happiness.

To support me, the only thing you need to do is to share my work, articles and website with anyone who you think would love my art. You can also spend a little time every time you read my articles making comments or sharing my post so as to let more people see my work. I appreciate all your help so I can continue to grow and strive to become an independent illustrator and artist.

Thank you so much for those who have constantly shown their love and support for my art work. Your feedback and kindness always make my day!!!

Cheers 🎊

Till next time.

7 thoughts on “Give Me Your Support Today!

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